[Switch] Monster Jam: Crush It!

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[Switch] Monster Jam: Crush It!

Beitrag von Seppatoni » Mo Aug 21, 2017 21:01

Monster Jam: Crush It! Will Ride Roughshod Over Switch This Holiday Season


Maximum Games is bringing vehicular destruction to the Switch later this year in the form of Monster Jam: Crush It!
Based on the PS4 and Xbox One title from 2016, this chaotic racer features more than 30 maps covering forest, desert, winter and farm environments. You'll also find 84 skill challenges and 12 "authentic" events. There are also 6 officially licensed Monster Jam stadiums included, if you're keen on that kind of thing.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine - hence the port to the Switch - and will also boast online leaderboards and in-game achievements. Most exciting of all is the Custom Crash Mode, where you can explore a free-roaming environment and cause as much carnage as you like.

Amazon has Monster Jam listed for a December 31st release, which is usually a sign that the game currently lacks a solid launch window. It will retail for £29.99.