[Switch] Graceful Explosion Machine

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[Switch] Graceful Explosion Machine

Beitrag von gunman » Mi Apr 19, 2017 12:46

Ein Switch exklusiver Arcade Shooter der gerade die eShop Charts stürmt:


Hat sehr positive Rezensionen bekommen und ist mit 13€ ein Schnäppchen.
Nintendo Life hat geschrieben:Overall, Graceful Explosion Machine is a masterful example of how to do an arcade shooter right.
Eye-catching visuals and extremely fine-tuned gameplay combine to make this a memorable and compelling experience for
anybody looking to get into a faster paced, action focused game. That being said, there is a minor element of repetitiveness
which never goes away entirely; the selling point comes not from the amount of levels, but from how many times you'll be playing each one.

We give Graceful Explosion Machine a very strong recommendation, all told; considering the amount of polish and replayability on offer,
this is quite the bang for your buck.