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Verfasst: Mi Aug 08, 2018 07:32
von Seppatoni
NPD: “Nintendo Sold The Most Consoles [In June] With Its NES Classic”

The NPD June 2018 report didn’t just have good news for Nintendo’s software. The company’s hardware also did well with sales. According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, “Nintendo Switch was the only platform that produced software sales growth in June, with dollar sales more than doubling those of June 2017. Year-to-date software sales on Nintendo Switch are also more than double those of a year ago”.

But that’s not all. The NES Classic had some success of its own, becoming the month’s #1 selling hardware. VentureBeat relayed the news that “Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console and remains the top platform year-to-date, but Microsoft and Nintendo also saw their sales increase. Year-over-year, Xbox One made almost twice and the Switch sold more than 50 percent. Nintendo also sold the most consoles with its NES Classic”. Piscatella says that “this is the first time a Nintendo Entertainment System console has led in monthly unit sales since NPD tracking began in 1995”.